Highly focused and keen to jump onto any request, Ryan was an immensely valuable asset to Trace House during his internship. Since this finished - we have frequently brought him on as our assistant Editor and content colourist of choice.
— The Trace House

Q & A

Q: What services do you offer?
Cinema Grade is solely focused on providing colour correction and colour grading services for video production.
We offer both the 'handles' and 'flat' workflows.

Q: When are you available?
A: Availability is flexible depending on your productions needs and our prior engagements.
Please contact for current availabilities. 

Q: How are files handled?
Files are handled via hard drives. Arrangements for pickup or drops off can be made.

Q: Where can you work from?
Work is done from our home office, it can also be done in your own work station space provided it's setup to grade in.

Q: What programs do you work in?
A: Davinci Resolve via roundtrip from your preferred NLE.

Q: How long will a grade take?
The time needed to complete a grade depends on the length of the piece, the depth in detail and augmentation to
the original footage the client would like and the condition that the original file is in. As such an estimate
will be provided with the job quote.

Q: What is required of the client?
When chosing the 'Handles' workflow it's essential that all the original files and project are on
a hard drive along with a reference render with onscreen timecode and that a picture locked sequence
is created without any titles, effects, speedramps or additional footage that is then rendered out as an XML.
This helps to ensure your project is correctly translated into Davinci Resolve. 
This can be handled in house but may incur additional charge. 

Q: What kind footage do you work with?
Currently our work station is equipped to handle footage up to UHD.

Q: What are your rates?
A: A project rate will be quoted depending on the length and technical challenges of the project.